Tuesday, October 2, 2007

interview for a brazilian journal

My name is Pedro Fernandes and i'm a brazilian journalist. i'm writing an article for Jornal A Tarde about the crisis in Burma and i'd like to talk with you about your stencil art project. If you can, e-mail me.
My bests,
Pedro Fernandes
Jornal A Tarde
Bahia - Brasil


Saffron Revolution Worldwide said...

Sure, but you have to leave your e-mail address here in a comment. Otherwise I don't know how to reach you. (I will delete it once I have it.)

Astrid said...

i think it may be not so clear for all users that the email address on the web page is for instant publishing on the blog and not for writing to you.
maybe you could give also a personal address? maybe you can write it like this: yourname [at] emailservice.com