Sunday, September 30, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

MARK VALLEN - Supporting your Stencil Art project

Friends at SRW

As a working professional artist who lives and works in the City of Los
Angeles, I congratulate you for initiating your stencil art project in
solidarity with the Burmese people's desire for freedom.

I've written a small article about your efforts for my "Art For A Change"
web log, which is dedicated to the intersection of art and political
activism. My web log receives some 18,000 visits per week from artists,
gallery owners, museum staff and curators - as well as art lovers from all
around the world. You can see my blog post in support of the SRW, here;

I hope my article will inspire others to join your stencil project, and that
all of us together can help the people of Burma achieve their dream of a
democratic society.

Mark Vallen

san francisco chronicle

Saffron Revolution Worldwide is written up in this article from the San Francisco Chronicle -- lots of blogs from inside Burma listed as well.
(They're a little off the mark with the location of SRW, but no matter.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

somewhere in Thailand

Where we live is not the best place for stencilling, so we made do with our office.

visual resistance

Saffron Revolution Worldwide has been posted by the Justseeds / Visual Resistance Cooperative.

Thanks, and keep spreading the word!

monks make great stencil images!

Download the pattern and get your monks on the march! Help spread the saffron revolution!