Friday, September 28, 2007

MARK VALLEN - Supporting your Stencil Art project

Friends at SRW

As a working professional artist who lives and works in the City of Los
Angeles, I congratulate you for initiating your stencil art project in
solidarity with the Burmese people's desire for freedom.

I've written a small article about your efforts for my "Art For A Change"
web log, which is dedicated to the intersection of art and political
activism. My web log receives some 18,000 visits per week from artists,
gallery owners, museum staff and curators - as well as art lovers from all
around the world. You can see my blog post in support of the SRW, here;

I hope my article will inspire others to join your stencil project, and that
all of us together can help the people of Burma achieve their dream of a
democratic society.

Mark Vallen


Saffron Revolution Worldwide said...

Thanks, Mark! This is definitely "art for a change"!

Pedro Fernandes said...

hi, My name is Pedro Fernandes and i'm a brazilian journalist. i'm writing an article for Jornal A Tarde about the crisis in Burma and i'd like to talk with you abour your stencil art project. I you can e-mail me. My address is